Advisory Board
Colin Mangham Board Member

CEO & Founder of the Daily Brand Group, an innovation consultancy operating internationally, Daily blends strategic and creative methodologies and communications to grow companies and organizations. Colin served as the acting Chief Marketing Officer for Biomimicry 3.8 and the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute. He is Business Catalyst at Biomimicry 3.8 is the global leader in biomimicry innovation consulting, professional training, and educational program and curricula development. Their mission is to train, equip, and connect engineers, educators, architects, designers, business leaders, and other innovators to sustainably emulate nature's 3.8 billion years of brilliant designs and strategies. The Biomimicry 3.8 Institute (the 501(c)3 not-for-profit arm) focuses on academic and public education, offering trainings, curricula, tools and resources for schools, universities, museums, zoos, nature centers, and other public forums.

Jeff Vander Clute Accelerating Transformation Of Orgs & Complex Cultural Systems

Jeff is a sherpa of consciousness transformation who has gone "all in" to support the emergence of compassionate, thriving communities and cultures of peace. His mission is above all to love all, while assisting and being present to humanity's realization of oneness and sacred relationship with Earth and the cosmos.

Jeff listens deeply on behalf of whole systems, inviting the wisdom of expanded awareness to inform all situations. He has a passion for developing and experimenting with highly potent methods for individual and collective healing that unify intuition and analysis. Jeff is an Evolutionary Leader who co-founded Sourcing the Way to enliven high-purpose organizations that seek to be conscious and beneficial presences on the planet. He serves on Charter for Compassion International's Global Compassion Council and on the board of directors of DreamRider Productions and New Stories.

Previously, as an entrepreneur and software engineer, Jeff co-created an online publishing platform that gave a voice to over 30 million people as well as software for revealing the "wisdom of communities" and "connecting the global heart."

Natalia Thurston CEO At Social Venture Law Group

Natalia is an attorney specializing in non profits and hybrid corporate structures.

Michael Gosney Managing Director, Techne Verde

Techne Verde founder Michael Gosney is a pioneer in Information and Communications Technology, having produced groundbreaking desktop publishing and multimedia products in the 1980s, and a variety of digital media projects and events in partnership with firms such as Apple Computer, Kodak, Toshiba, Peter Norton, GTE, and Microsoft. He is an expert in new media design and marketing, online media delivery, interactive content development and user experience.
In parallel to his work in technology, Gosney has produced many influential books and events on the shift to sustainability, and has served on the board of architect Paolo Soleri's ecocity research project Arcosanti since 1995. In 2002, Gosney co-founded the Green Century Institute in San Francisco as an information clearinghouse on sustainable community solutions, which has provided consulting and advisory services, and produced a wide range of events and workgroups, including the San Francisco Green Cities Expo at UNEP World Environment Day in June 2005, Earth Day Digital Be-In events with Paul Hawken, Janine Benyus and other sustainable culture and green technology leaders, and many specialized salons and workshops.

Gosney produces the talk radio podcast Eco Evolution with leaders and visionaries on the frontier of eco-evolutionary change. His 2013 TEDx Talk, "Designing the Control Panel for Spaceship Earth" provides background on the shared vision of Information and Communications Technologies facilitating an evolutionary shift and the genesis of the Techne Verde project.

Stacy Rotondo Fiscal Sponsorship, CPA

Certified CPA and accountant, fiscal sponsorship management for Compathos.

D. Robert Junod CTO - Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Junod is our IT GURU with a backgrounds in web design, office automation and paperless solutions are amongst a few of his laurels. As head of Robert's Consulting Service, he has developed a pool of multi-talented internet design and small business personnel creating designs in PHP, HTML, JAVA and more - working together with our graphic artists to generate 21st century designs.

Mike Colosimo Strategic Development

Mike is a Strategic Development Consultant and founder at ThrdPlace. Thridplace empowers everyone to champion his or her aspirations. ThrdPlace monetizes networks to enable donation free fundraising. It provides infrastructure for members to connect and collaborate. And it serves, in effect, as a new means to fund and realize impacts because anyone should be able to contribute and everyone can champion.

Chad Cork Entertainment Industry Professional

Film producer, story designer, and media production consultant. Chad has worked in Hollywood as a story producer, assistant director, locations manager, casting director, and field site coordinator with shows from CBS, NBC Studios, Fox, MTV, B2 Entertainment, Dean River Cinema, Warner Brothers, MGM Studios, Paramount Pictures, Dreamworks, and more recently the Discovery Channel. Chad's twenty plus recent projects include Kid Nation, Smash Lab, The Greatest Show on Earth, Armed and Famous, X-effect, We are Marshall, Stroke of Genius, The Clearing, Remember the Titans, Road Trip, and many more.

Dan R. Durrant Trends Synthesis, Metadata, Memetics

Dan R. Durrant operates in the abstract realms of cause analytics, metadata analytics, nemetic models to increase resilience and resonance, trends synthesis, collective intelligence, systems intelligence, marketing and dynamic publishing.

Ali Hart Messaging And Engagement Strategist

Ali is a seasoned communicator with a passion for storytelling, co-creation and comedy. She earned an MBA in Sustainable Management with a background in media and entertainment with an emphasis on consumer behavior, audience engagement, and branding strategies for companies pursuing sustainability. She provides messaging and engagement strategist for organizations, sustainable brands, and events.

Kim Teplitzky Student Scholarships, Grassroot Movement Liaison

Before starting as the Sierra Club's National Student Field Coordinator, Kim was a large Regional Organizer helping students campaign for sustainable campuses and communities in Pa., Ohio, Mich. and W.Va. Kim is also a founding member of the Energy Action Coalition, an organization of over 50 groups in the U.S. and Canada fighting for clean and just energy solutions. As a student at Temple University, Kim led a wind power campaign on her campus and attended her first SSC SPROG (summer training program) which led her to a trainings internship in the SSC's DC office. It was there she stepped up to work with the student-led SSC Conservation and Energy Committees and through them she helped organize the U.S. and international youth presence at the U.N. Climate Negotiations in Montreal in 2005. Kim has a B.A. in Journalism from Temple University in Philadelphia.

Jesikah Maria Ross Participatory Media Specialist

Jesikah Maria Ross is an educator, media maker and community development practitioner. She works with schools, non-governmental organizations and social action groups around the globe to create participatory media projects that generate critical literacy, civic engagement, and community change. An award- winning media activist, Jesikah's work centers on advancing social and environmental justice. She is the Co-founder and Director of UC Davis' Art of Regional Change initiative which brings artists, humanists, and social scientists together to collaborate with community partners on media arts projects that address pressing social issues in California's Central Valley and Sierra Nevada mountains.

Nathan Gray NGO Liason

Nathan has over 30 years of experience in the fields of international community development and education. He has been involved in the founding of several organizations, including Oxfam America, the international assistance organization based in Boston. Nathan is currently the Director of Earth Train, an international center for sustainable development and ecology in the Republic of Panama. The organization has provided unforgettable learning experiences, from workshops to international conferences and expeditions for over 13,000 young adults worldwide. In addition to Nathan's program efforts in Panama, Nathan's Mamoni Valley Preserve in Panama is currently responsible for the protection of over 14,000 acres of rain forest and upland farmland.



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