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Kirthi Nath Founder Cinemagical Media

Kirthi Nath is award winning filmmaker and creative media catalyst using media, technology, education and storytelling to connect diverse audiences with positive social change and the arts. Her 14 years of expertise as an artist, teacher, curator, media producer and social media strategist also lends itself to the development of curriculum and media courses for youth (nearing 100 youth video projects) and adults for media arts organizations and in formal university settings. As founder at Cinemagical Media she provides a compelling scope of film services for companies, non-profits and individuals who use media to inspire positive social change and to promote healthy communities and human connections.

Jason Edwards Cinamatographer, Director, Producer

Jason is an accomplished cinematographer, director and producer from Hollywood CA. Jason's body of work as producer ranges from FX and the Discovery Channel. His credits range from, West Wing, Amazing Race, "Punk'd", "Monster House", and Discovery's BIG. Jason has written and directed two feature length documentaries including the renowned "Blood, Sweat, and Gears" which later won several "Best Documentary" awards at various film festivals. Jason's second feature documentary, Jason S. Edwards "The Green Rush" is a ground breaking documentary about the underground marijuana industry that exists throughout Northern CA. The Green Rush film has been awarded several awards on 2008 festival circuit.

Erin Levin Humanitarian Journalist / Filmmaker

Erin is an award-winning humanitarian journalist and filmmaker. Her production and outreach experience ranges from ABC and CNN to the Peace Corps and non-profits around the world. At CNN, Erin worked closely on the 2008 election coverage; found a niche in covering Africa, musical activism, the changing face of homelessness and became an abolitionist through her coverage of human trafficking. Most recently, Erin worked as the Community & Social Media Manager as well as the Filmmaker at Better World Books, an online social enterprise bookstore. Erin is now working full-time on imba means sing. She is a freelance writer for the Huffington Post and Paste Magazine and a social media and outreach guru for small businesses and non-profits hoping to share their work and passion with clients, donors and fans.

Greg Reitman Film Director / Producer/ Screenwriter

Greg is the founder and CEO of Blue Water Entertainment, Inc an independent production company focusing on environmentally consciousness-based entertainment. Widely regarded as Hollywood's "Green Producer," he produced the 2015 feature documentary "ROOTED in PEACE and 2008 Sundance Audience Award-winning feature documentary "FUEL." He wrote, produced, and directed the feature documentary "Hollywood's Magical Island - Catalina" (2003), syndicated on American Public Television (APT). Greg is a green correspondent for "The Huffington Post" a leading online news agency that focuses on green issues and trends in the global marketplace. Greg was written up in Movie Maker Magazine as one of the top ten producers in the Entertainment industry making content that makes a difference in the world.

Jeycob Carlson International Media Projects, FilmMaker

Jeycob Carlson hails from northern California but is often found on another part of the planet searching for captivating images and inspiring stories. Both an artist and technician he brings passion and honed skill to every project. His work has transported him from directing music videos in Hollywood to shooting the trash dump villages of Nicaragua. Always aspiring to create a true cinematic experience that not only captures the essence of a country and people, but also moves the heart and mind.

Davin Hutchins Film Maker, Digital Distributon

Davin Hutchins is currently the Director, ITVS / PBS Digital Distribution Lab at ITVS. He has over 13 years of experience in television journalism. He has worked with CNN, CNN International, Headline News, Reuters, BBC World, IRIN News, Witness.org, Internews and TechTV. His assignments have taken him to Egypt, Sudan, Palestine, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Turkey, Kuwait, Jordan, Oman, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Iceland, France, Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands as well as locations throughout the United States.

Michael Matucci

CEO System Busters, a documentary web series with nuggets of wisdom and winds of fresh perspective coming forth from around the globe. Indigenous elders, healers, scholars, activists and environmentalists, all who work for the people and the planet at a grass roots level, share hidden truths, activism that the evening news won't touch, and ways of seeing life that can help us transform ourselves and our world.Using the tools of film and teaching, Michael reaches out to folks to turn on the light of their souls. He is a bridge builder - stitching together understanding between people and ideas.

Eytan Elterman Filmmaker, Social Entrepreneur

Eytan's passion for telling stories through documentary shorts that connect the viewer to socially relevant themes has taken him through Central and So. America, Europe, and Africa and he has studied in Spain and Argentina. It is those experiences that made him realize what a privilege it is to see the world; in all its glory, good and bad. It is this type of adventure that drives his work.

Eytan produced his first documentary in 2005 while on a 3 month backpacking trip through Eastern Europe. In 2008, the L.A. Press Club nominated a TV package Elterman co-produced about foster youth for best "TV News Feature of the Year." Since then he has worked on documentary shorts focused on alternative fuel, international development, the foster care system, food justice, sport diving, and U.S./Israel relations for clients in the U.S. and abroad. Eytan received his BA in European Studies from UCLA and an MBA in International Management from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Eytan is co-founder at iSeeiTravel.

Katie Teague

Katie Teague is founder of Storm Cloud Media, her work in the digital media arts is dedicated to telling the emerging story of humanity and bringing inspired transformational media to the social change process. Katie brings years of study in depth psychology, human development and the world's wisdom traditions to her work as a multi-media mystic. Katie's documentary Money & Life was voted the best social issue documentary in the 2014 Atlanta Docufest. Katie is also one of the 2012 Sundance Grantee filmmakers contributing on 99% The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film. She is creating the SACRED LIFE film series - as antidote to Sacred Deficit Disorder, as medicine for the tattered modern soul.

Nick Kalbach Filmmaker

Nick is a California based filmmaker and grass roots media visionary. Nick's work has taken him from the jungles of Central America to the plains of Africa in projects that have ranged from archiving indigenous history to capturing humanitarian injustices. Before joining the Compathos Foundation, Nick's work included freelance projects with national foundations and NGO's including the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Earth Train International and the United Nations.

Chris Davidson Videography, Photography

Chris Davidson is a freelance videographer and photographer based in Los Angeles, Calif. His vast talent is apparent in the variety of projects he pursues both domestically and internationally, from acting as assistant cameraman for feature films to documenting post-civil war conditions in Sierra Leone. Chris works on the sets of high-profile music videos, commercials and more. The uniqueness of his work is reflected in his appreciation for simplicity in nature and Impressionist art, as well as his drive to tell untold stories.

Bongo Post Post Production Specialist

Bongo Post is an award winning post production and sound studio that specializes in post color, motion graphics, editorial and audio post production. Clients include: NFL, NBC, Entertainment Tonight, Olympics, Super Bowl, The Grammy's, NPR, PBS, Sacramento Kings, and the New York Times to name a few.

Anna Schwaber International Media Projects, Cinematographer

Anna lives for adventure, music, and the visual and performing arts. Her fascination with differences in sights, sounds, and human functionality make her consumed by wanderlust. Through a camera's lens, Anna has traveled to help tell stories from 5 different continents through the format of narrative films, photo correspondence, and photography. She is constantly looking, moving, and observing because of her keen attention to light and shadow. When not shooting, she is contributing to Los Angeles-based art collectives as a VJ and exhibiting her conceptual art. She has one degree in Film Production and another in Fine Arts from the University of Southern California.

Kevin Atkinson Film Maker

Kevin spent his twenties traveling the world and learning languages. He then spent his thirties as a freelance cinematographer shooting everything from union feature films in Hollywood to small independent documentaries in Africa. The American Society of Cinematographers has recognized Kevin as a finalist for The Robert Surtees Heritage Award for Cinematography. He is also the recipient of the Ralf Bode Eastman Kodak Award for Cinematography for his body of work. Kevin holds a B.A. in Anthropology from The University of California, Santa Barbara. His work can be seen on the BBC, The History Channel, Mark Burnett Productions, HD net, and in numerous feature films.

Daniela Kon Director, Producer, DP, Filmmaker

Daniela is an independent journalist, consultant and award-winning documentary filmmaker who has worked with humanitarian organizations in India, Thailand, Bangladesh, Liberia, Senegal and Cambodia - filming in schools, orphanages, rural villages, non-profit sites and regions of extreme poverty. Daniela merges film and philanthropy, producing documentaries and videos that highlight global inequities and the accomplishments of aid and development organizations. Her documentary production company and impact agency, DEEDA, is dedicated to sharing stories from the field, advancing human rights, raising awareness about global inequities and supporting sustainable and innovative development projects.

Matt Katsolis Producer, Director, Cinematographer

For the better part of a decade, Matt Katsolis has been traveling the world working in documentary film and television for clients including ESPN, FUEL TV, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, and Walking on Water, as well as specializing in the action sports industry. With roots originally as a cinematographer, Matt now works in a variety of formats including high end TV / film with proven expertise at every level of production. Films include Moving On (Grand Prize in Panasonic's Shoot It Share It Contest), Dia de Luz, Dispatch Tour 2011, Beyond the Dream and Walking on Water.. Matt aspires to use the power of filmmaking to not just share stories with the world, but also use them as an agent of change.

Mark White Filmmaker, Digital Media

Mark is an experienced digital media executive and Founder and CEO at White Crow Productions. White Crow inspires and emotionally engages audiences in learning, while focusing on digital strategies for sustainability, health, safety and environmental behavior change. Mark has been building innovative digital media teams in Brisbane, Australia for 20 years. Over the past 10 years he has worked in the e-Learning industry as a director and adviser in some of Australia's most challenging learning environments. Digital learning initiatives include the world's first 3D serious game for Green Homes, which was awarded as one of the world's six best government interactive media examples by the United Nations in 2005. Mark is co-producer of Rise of the Eco-Warriors - every individual matters, every action counts.

Nathan Ward Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Photographer

Nathan Ward is an award winning documentary director and cinematographer based in the USA and specializing in environmental, social and humanitarian films worldwide. With work in 40 countries over 20 years, Nathan's recent work includes stories about women and girls education in the Himalayas, veterans in the Alaskan wilderness, water issues in the American West, preserving mountain culture in Mustang, and much more. Clients include: PBS, The United Nations (various divisions), USAID, CNN, SNV, The Wilderness Society, Greenpeace, The Weather Channel, and a wide variety of film festivals and television shows. Nathan is eager to help you highlight the good work your organization is doing in the world. www.NathanWard.com

Caroline Harrison Film Production

Caroline Harrison is an award-winning director & cinematographer, and founder of The Hive Studios. Caroline's career in film began at age 17, within the Natural History Unit of the BBC. She produced radio shows for the BBC World Service, returning to BBC TV to make the climate expose 'Global Dimming' which went on to win the prestigious Wildsreen 'Planet Earth' award. Now settled in Northern California, Caroline has helped to direct and shoot productions aired on National Geographic, PBS and ZDF. Caroline shoots primarily on the Red One camera. Her company, The Hive Studios, has a mission to produce film content that inspires creative minds to help generate solutions to our greatest global challenges. They produce documentaries, online viral videos and films for clients all over the world.

Tourist With A Typewriter Documentry Films

Tourist With A Typewriter Ltd. is an independent documentary production company based in London and dedicated to creative human rights and social justice documentaries. It was founded in 2004 by Saeed Taji Farouky and Gareth Keogh in order to tell the stories that mainstream news media and film studios were not telling. Their documentaries look behind the obvious sensationalism of daily news asking how individual lives fit into the bigger picture, and what happens to ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.

Laura Waters Hinson Filmmaker, Founder Image Bearer Pictures

Laura Waters Hinson is an award winning filmmaker / photographer based in Washington, DC. She is currently engaged in a nationwide screening tour, presenting As We Forgive in such places as the U.S. Congress, the State Department, Library of Congress, the World Bank and at various universities and institutions. Most recently, Laura served on the crew of 14 Women, an acclaimed documentary on the lives of the female U.S. Senators, directed by Mary Lambert. Laura received a master of fine arts degree in filmmaking from American University and has worked in the past as the director of creative arts at an Anglican church, as a development coordinator for the Discovery Health Channel, and as a research assistant for MSNBC host Chris Matthews.

NomadsLand Social Issue Media

"NOMADSLAND is a company devoted to the production of visual for the Internet. The company partner with nonprofits, social enterprises, ecotourism and voluntourism companies to plan and execute strategic video campaigns using video technology and a global filmmaker network. NomadsLand was founded by Davin Hutchins - a filmmaker, producer and social entrepreneur. Hutchins has fifteen years experience in television journalism and has worked with CNN, CNN International, BBC World, Headline News, TechTV, Witness, Internews and Huffington Post. His assignments have taken him to Egypt, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Kuwait, Jordan, Oman, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, Iceland, France, Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy and the United States."

Global Oneness Project International Media Production

The Global Oneness Project is a web-based video initiative exploring how the simple notion of oneness can be lived in our increasingly complex world. Global Oneness is traveling the globe interviewing creative and courageous people who base their work on the fundamental understanding that we are all connected and thus bear great responsibility for each other and our shared world. While being confronted with unmistakable signs that our current way of life is no longer sustainable, inspiring and innovative people and programs are blossoming in all areas of society. Global Oneness's living library of films is available for free from on their website or on DVD for events and educational use.

Chad Cork Entertainment Industry

Chad brings a wealth of media industry experience to the Compathos team. Chad has worked in Hollywood as a story producer, assistant director, locations manager, casting director, and field site coordinator with shows from CBS, NBC Studios, Fox, MTV, B2 Entertainment, Dean River Cinema, Warner Brothers, MGM Studios, Paramount Pictures, Dreamworks, and more recently the Discovery Channel. Chad's twenty plus recent projects include Kid Nation, Smash Lab, The Greatest Show on Earth, Armed and Famous, X-effect, We are Marshall, Stroke of Genius, The Clearing, Remember the Titans, Road Trip, and many more. A travel enthusiast since childhood, he has a passion for learning about other cultures, destinations and corresponding global issues that affect us today.

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