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Anna Clark Author, Change Agent, Bridge Builder

Anna M. Clark is president of EarthPeople, LLC and managing editor of EarthPeople Media. She is an author, communication strategist, and freelance writer on sustainability and social innovation. Since founding EarthPeople in 2005, Anna has grown her consulting practice into a leading specialty communications company whose clientele includes start-ups, Fortune 500s, and NGOs including International Finance Corporation, a division of The World Bank. In 2013, Anna launched EarthPeople Media, an online magazine and publisher of books and content on business, culture, sustainability and social innovation. The author of Green, American Style (2010) and a fellow at the Op-Ed Project, Anna is a featured columnist for Greenbiz.com and a freelance journalist for Guardian Sustainable Business. She has also contributed to Al Jazeera English, The Guardian, Huffington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, The Dallas Morning News, and the Texas Interfaith Center for Public Policy.

Burt Kempner Independent Writer/Producer

Burt is an award-winning storyteller whose work has appeared on PBS, the Discovery Channel, ESPN, CNBC, the History Channel and European television, among other venues.He specializes in broadcast documentary, environmental, travel, educational and nonprofit programming, as well as features and shorts.

Emma Lane

Emma is a Contributing Writer at Compathos. She writes feature pieces and documentary film reviews with a focus on social justice and environmental issues. She graduated from the University College Dublin with a Bachelor's Degree in English with Film in 2014. Emma works as a freelance copywriter doing content planning, social media strategy, analytics and insights, and content marketing for a number of clients.

Nora Dunn Author, Freelance Writer, Professional Hobo

Nora is a full-time traveler, author and freelance writer, searching for the meaning of life by seeing the world slowly and meaningfully. She has lived off the grid (literally and figuratively) in Hawaii, climbed in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, started International NGOs on the fly in Asia, and survived Australia's worst-ever natural disaster. Experiences good, bad, and otherwise, all make for amazing lessons and terrific stories to tell. Nora also has many years of experience in the film and television industry, both on camera and off.

Reed Price Chief Catalyst At RVEEP, LLC,

Reed is a skilled publisher using a team-approach to leadership and decision-making which helps for-purpose / nonprofit businesses and organizations tell their stories effectively. As a newsroom supervisor for AP and MSNBC, he directed tactical newsroom coverage of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Tiananmen Square standoff in China, the Clinton impeachment, the Sept. 11 attacks and both wars in Iraq. At MSN Entertainment and Video he supervised the global video publication of seven Live Earth concerts on 07.07.07. Ree managed MSN's charitable disaster response to the 2011 Japan tsunami and earthquake and provided editorial leadership for the launch of causes.msn.com. - all directing remote teams around the clock and the globe.

Amanda Jones Travel Writer, Photographer

Amanda's work appears in the LA Times, ISLANDS, Travel & Leisure, Town & Country, Conde Nast Traveler, the London Sunday Times, the Sunday Observer, the San Francisco Chronicle, Islands, Vogue Australia, NZ Life & Leisure, Food & Wine, and NEXT among others. Her short stories have been published in several travel anthologies, including Salon.com's Wanderlust, and Lonely Planet's The Kindness of Strangers and By The Seat of My Pants. Amanda has done story development for National Geographic television, and her photography series Timeless, black and white photographs of African tribal peoples, was exhibited at the United Nations film festival. Amanda's work has taken her to over 45 countries, she teaches travel writing, and is frequently invited to speak at literary conferences, workshops and festivals. Amanda also founded Potentia Media, a company committed to delivering the facts about crucial social and global issues in accessible ways using new media.

Sasha Rae Adventurer, Writer, Media Activist

Sasha A. Rae is a writer, adventurer, and social activist who finds a good story no matter where in the world she is. She's fed her love for adventure throughout her life, moving all over the U.S. (hitting 11 states so far), hosteling solo through the Canadian Rockies, working as a Peace Corps volunteer in western China, rock climbing in South Korea, and digging into political issues in Bali as a grad student. Sasha has over 15 years of writing experience and has written stories, articles, and other content for organizations, foundations, companies, and online publications. She has a BA in Radio and Television Production from Kent State University and a MS in Communication and Society from the University of Oregon.

Wickham Boyle Writer, Editor, Consultant, Marketing, Specialist In Arts And Finance Community Development.

Founder of Just Shea, a hybrid organization (501c3 / LLC) whose mission is to help the women of Ghana. 600,000 women harvest shea in Ghana and 30,000 are bitten annually by poisonous snakes. Through the funds raised by our organic cosmetics company utilizing the shea, they are providing protective gear and, thus increasing the money the women earn and their quality of life.

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