Alex Simon

Alex is a composer and self-trained audio producer from California, with Sephardic Jewish roots. He moved to Navajo Nation in the summer of 2016, where he did farm work, met many musicians, and set up a home studio. In Standing Rock, he stewarded MASH, the solar-powered sub-arctic recording studio, during the blizzardous winter months. During this time, he founded the Sovereign Sounds Project to record talented Indigenous artists, which was sparked by the idea to bring simple yet powerful DIY recording gear to Indigenous communities around the country. Alex's musical soundscapes can be found at Tone Ranger.

Eric Hester Music Composer, Musician

Eric Hester is a multi-award winning film and television composer, producer and songwriter. In 1993, at the age of nineteen, he quickly made a name for himself having been nominated for a CableAce Award for his original song, "Second Chance". Joining the ranks of Elton John, Harry Conick Jr. and others - Eric lost the award to Carly Simon. His television and film scores have garnered him an Aurora Award, Omni Award, Axiem Award, Accolade Award, Telly Award, John Lennon Songwriting Award (twice) and an ASCAP Award. As a composer he has also contributed to an Emmy winning score as well as two Emmy nominated scores.

Brad Corrigan Musician, Advocate

(Alias Braddigan) Founder of Nicaraguan based organization, Love Light and Melody which uses music and the arts to rebuild, restore, and bring healing to communities ravaged by extreme poverty. Brad is a musician previously hailing from the Indie band DISPATCH, the first independent band in history to headline, and sell out three nights at Madison Square Garden raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight disease, devastation, and social injustice in the country of Zimbabwe. The funds raised support the bands' Dispatch Foundation, specifically earmarked for the Foundations' work in Zimbabwe.

Gussie Miller Sound Engineer/Musician/Composer

Gussie Miller is L.A. based composer, musician and an accomplished sound engineer. With the ears of a musician and the ears of an engineer magically merged, the singer/songwriter/engineer/producer brings a unique sensitivity to his projects. He understands, better than most, how a musical performance will translate through the recording, mixing and mastering stages.

Hope Sings

Hope Sings harnesses the power of song to improve the lives of the poor - especially women -in Latin America. All net revenues from the sale of our songs are donated to participating microfinance institutions: Kiva, FINCA, ACCION and MicroPlace. Hope Sings songs are inspired by the true stories of people whose lives have been transformed in huge ways by the very small loans known as micro-loans. These songs, in turn, inspire more individuals to lend money, giving a hand-up - as opposed to a hand-out - to those less fortunate.

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