Earth Train International NGO - Panama

Earth Train is an International Program dedicated to training and unifying the development leaders of the future. Located at the narrowest point of the western hemisphere, Earth Train's 14,000 acre Upland Rainforest Preserve sets the stage for a unique focus on sustainable development. Earth Train blends course work, home stays, and community specific field service to provide excellent coaching in a challenging multi-cultural environment. The Earth Train International Center draws students, aspiring professionals, educators, and prominent indigenous leaders into a learning community that promotes increased cross-cultural awareness and understanding of the challenges facing the developing world.

Wide Horizons For Children International Child Sponsorship, Adoption, Family Empowement Programs

Since 1974, Wide Horizons for Children has placed over 10,000 children with adoptive families, and worked in more than 50 countries around the world. Building enduring relationships of trust and professionalism with their overseas partners has been key to their success in facilitating thousands of adoptions over the years. Currently, WHFC offers adoption programs in 12 countries: China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Kazakhstan, Korea, The Philippines, Russia, Taiwan, Ukraine, and the United States.

United Roots

United Roots houses many programs and community projects creating an ecosystem of opportunities for young people. UR Media offers youth-led media production services to organizations, agencies, and businesses. The Youth Impact Hub supports low-income youth of color in creating an equitable, life-affirming economy. DetermiNation supports the success and development of young Black men to advance their personal and professional goals and Gameheads prepares low income youth and youth of color for a career in the tech and video game industry.

Global Citizens Network NPO, Community Development, Volunteer Travel

GCN works to promote peace, justice and tolerance through cross-cultural understanding and cooperation. We are committed to enhancing quality of life around the world while preserving indigenous cultures, traditions and ecologies. Volunteer around the world, working side-by-side to build relationships with members of our indigenous partner communities in the U.S. and abroad. Participate in community development projects driven by the community.

One Million Bones Fundraising Art Installation

One Million Bones is a fundraising art installation designed to recognize the millions of victims killed or displaced by ongoing genocides occurring on our watch.Our Mission is to increase global awareness of these atrocities while raising the critical funds needed to protect and aid displaced and vulnerable victims. One million people will each create one bone to represent one victim. Installed together, these million bones will flood the National Mall in Washington, D.C., unearthing the memory of these victims while calling citizens to action.

Tropical Adventures Non Profit, Voluntourism, Costa Rica

The Tropical Adventures Foundation is a non-profit organization providing volunteer tour packages for individuals, families and groups interested in exploring the culture, language and natural beauty of Costa Rica. Our local volunteer projects offer the adventure of a lifetime for those willing to share their love, skills and time with those less fortunate.

Vanderbilt Curb Center Art, Enterprise, Public Policy

The Curb Center is a national policy center committed to research and teaching that challenges leaders to rethink the place of art and creativity in our world. We believe a 21st century education requires building creative capacity to solve problems and advance innovation for the public good--in addition to providing disciplinary training. The Curb Scholars Program is the first Scholarship in the country focused on creative practice and innovation. We develop students who can ask provocative questions, manage ambiguity, take risks, experiment, and lead innovation for the public good.

Asia America Initiative NP

We believe that peace, security and respect for human dignity are inseparable. Our Mission is to build hope and empower communities afflicted by armed conflict and severe poverty. Our people-to-people initiatives integrate health, education, arts, and livelihood as a basis for community development and to create stability. Our goal is to develop programs as sustainable models that can be replicated globally.

See Change Global International Media Campaigns

See Change Global is an online media community that connects change agents and their campaigns to the people and resources that can bring their work to scale.

African Leadership Academy Developing The Next Gen African Leaders

African Leadership Academy (ALA) seeks to transform Africa by developing and supporting future generations of African leaders. Since 2008, ALA brings together the most promising 15-18 year old leaders from all 54 African nations and beyond for an innovative two-year program designed to prepare each student for a lifetime of leadership on the continent. Students are selected to attend the Academy based on merit alone and complete an innovative curriculum with a unique focus on leadership, entrepreneurship, and African studies. ALA graduates will attend the world's finest universities and will lead Africa toward a peaceful and prosperous future.

Media Matters For Women NPO

Switzerland based MMW partners with local NGOs in West Africa to train freelance reporters and to enable them to create innovative digital communication networks targeting women. MMW enables women to earn a living using a cell phone, and at the same time we significantly expand news and information services for the world's poorest women. These networks seem like traditional FM radio to listeners, but by combining cell phone, solar, and digital technologies in a new and unique way, radio programming is significantly less costly to produce and distribute. Most importantly, the networks can reach anywhere, including remote rural communities. W.Africa currently has the highest maternal mortality and illiteracy rates in the world, and most women lack regular access to radio programming in their own language that is relevant to their lives.

Explore Multi-media

Explore is a multimedia organization that documents leaders around the world who have devoted their lives to extraordinary causes. Both educational and inspirational, explore creates a portal into the soul of humanity by championing the selfless acts of others. explore's growing library consists of more than 250 original films and 30,000 photographs from around the world.


ISeeiTravel is a media company dedicated to promoting conscious travel. ISeeiTravel produce brand-building documentary content based on real places, real people, and real travel experiences. Their unique "docu-marketing" strategy uses engaging visual media and integrated digital marketing to inspire people to travel and experience the world in ways that are sustainable, responsible and meaningful.

Media For Social Transformation & Developmment Assoc. NPO

MSTDA is located in Oromia, Eastern Wollega Zone in Western Ethiopia. MSTDA produces motivational film and television for social development by utilizing an "Entertainment-Education" format - a media message which combines an engaging form of entertainment with relevant educational messages designed to increase audience members' knowledge about an educational issues, create favorable attitudes, and change overt behavior. Their Goal is to increase community awareness on access to pure water, hygiene & sanitation, HIV/AIDS prevention, reducing harmful traditional practices & enhancing youth capacity programs through media. They aim to improve the livelihoods and awareness creation of communities in target areas through educational promotion, trainings and campaigns.

Redlight Children Campaign NGO

The REDLIGHT CHILDREN campaign seeks to generate conscious concern and inspire immediate action against child sexploitation. It is a worldwide grassroots initiative whose mission is to reduce the number of children sold to the sex industry and exploited on the internet.

Youth Leader Magazine Publishing

Youth-LeadeR (YL) is a novel resource platform for young people, teachers, active citizens and mediamakers offered in partnership with the most recognized young and adult changemakers and sustainability experts on the planet. YL offers a wide range of authentic media with outstanding value for education, youth work, sound activism and positive change-oriented media work. They convey the genuine spirit of the most celebrated changemakers, and come with easy and advanced teaching and action tips. They are freely accessible online, many in up to twenty languages.

FeelGood Non Profit

FeelGood is a youth movement committed to ending world hunger in our lifetime. On college campuses across the U.S., FeelGood trains students to run an on-campus social enterprise- a FeelGood grilled cheese deli -and to use it as a vehicle for raising money and awareness for hunger-ending programs that are effective and sustainable. 100% of deli proceeds are invested in organizations sustainably eradicating global hunger. None of it goes to FeelGood, which receives its funding from foundations and other sources.

Love Light And Melody NPO - Nicaragua

Love Light & Melody is a nonprofit organization dedicated to battling the physical, emotional, and spiritual affects of extreme poverty. We use music and the arts to rebuild, restore, and bring healing to communities ravaged by extreme poverty. We are committed to becoming experts on the life and culture inside the city trash dump in Managua, Nicaragua. Our goal is to identify and meet the immediate physical needs, raise awareness about trash dump communities, and fight social injustice.

Women's Voices Now

Women's Voices Now (WVN) promotes and amplifies the free expression of the worldwide struggle for women's civil, economic, political, and gender rights. Through online content and community-based events, WVN creates platforms that connect conscientious art and media creators, activists, filmmakers, audiences, and advocacy organizations. Their vision is to create an interconnected and mobilized women's rights community, working together to improve the status of women worldwide by raising awareness and participation through film.

Global Press Institute Grassroots Journalism, International NPO

Founded on the belief that journalism is a dynamic tool that fosters personal empowerment, community development and global awareness, PI operates independent Global Training Sites and News Desks and collaborates with organizations dedicated to human development and responsible journalism in order to offer its original award-winning journalism training curricula to media outlets and individuals around the world. The Press Institute has trained and employed over 100 women in the developing world to be responsible, ethical journalists. They target marginalized women, such as the untouchable caste in Nepal, indigenous women in Mexico, and former prostitutes and HIV women in Kenya. Receiving journalism training provides these women, the opportunity to take on semi-public professions, establish themselves as literate leaders, provoke social change and mindfulness, challenge discrimination, speak for the silenced, and earn strong living wages with a dignified profession.

Educator Labs

EducatorLabs is comprised of school librarians and media/market research specialists who work as curators and conservators of the scholastic web. In previous decades, our resource collections were finite and we knew our card catalog backwards and forwards; nowadays, modern technology provides us with a seemingly infinite inventory of educational resources. Unfortunately, there simply are no comprehensive card catalogs for the internet and, sadly, many untapped resources go undiscovered by most teachers. Our mission is to assist educators in discovering valuable resources of substance for classroom use. We also seek to strengthen connections among the educational web by acting as courier: because of our high standards, our approach is grassroots and hands-on in nature.

Threshold Collaborative

Threshold Collaborative uses stories to illuminate and share the experience, insight, knowledge and hopes of people striving for inclusion, justice and peace. We are a national trans-media story sharing organization dedicated to using the power of stories to ignite and sustain social change. Stories have the power to uncover effective strategies for change and to strengthen the empathy needed to make those changes a reality. Threshold is known for helping to make community voices heard in engaging and thought provoking ways. Our methods focus is on audio, digital stories and photography.

PEPY Ride NGO, Voluntourism, US And Cambodia

PEPY's mission is to aid rural communities in improving their own standards of living, with a focus on increased access to quality education. Through our partner government schools, and our informal education initiatives, PEPY is supporting education for over 1,700 families in 12 villages and 6 schools in rural Siem Reap. We believe that education is the key to sustainable change, and are committed to a holistic developmental approach which empowers children, parents, teachers, and communities to make the positive changes they want to see in their lives.

WAVES For Development NPO, Community Development, Voluntoursim

WAVES is an affiliation of nonprofits that believe surf travel should benefit the people and communities where it happens. Their mission is to use surfing to make the world a better place by combining Educational Surf programs that develop Peruvian youth into healthy and empowered adults with Adventure Voluntourism programs that engage travelers and transform their world view.

Global Team For Local Initiatives (GTLI) NPO Ethiopia

Global Team for Local Initiatives (GTLI) is dedicated to helping indigenous people lead healthy lives. GTLI works closely with tribal elders to help communities implement sustainable development projects for long-term survival as well as income generating activities for immediate relief. Currently they work with Hamar tribe communities in remote southwest Ethiopia. Through projects in water, health, education, and income generation, GTLI is helping this ancient tribe, affected by drought and disease, adapt to their changing world.

Living Bricks Non Profit Campaign - Rwanda

Launched by the producers of the award-winning documentary As We Forgive, Living Bricks is an initiative to restore hearts and homes in Rwanda following the destruction of the 1994 genocide. Living Bricks equips genocide perpetrators with the tools to build much-needed housing for their victims' families, establishing new villages where former killers and survivors live together again as neighbors through practical reconciliation. To date, over 10,000 ex-prisoners have asked for the supplies to build these houses of hope.

Caring For The World NPO

Caring for the World has distinguished itself as the production company non-profit organizations trust to tell their story. We search the planet for sustainable, relatively unknown international humanitarian organizations that have limited resources and have a compelling story to tell. We develop long-term relationships with the organizations we profile, and strive to become a strategic partner within the global humanitarian community.