Film Production
Film Production

Pre-Production And Conceptualizing

Great PDF, on pre-production and conceptualizing your media project.

Beginners, How To Video

For beginners, a good video tutorial on the things to take into consideration, before you get started. From Witness..

Video, Audio And Multimedia Resources

Excellent all around site for film making advice and tutorials. Very comprehensive covers, just about everything from pre-production-production to post. Equipment list is a bit dated.

Lighting Tips

Great site from beginners to pros when it comes to lighting tips.

Video, Audio And Multimedia Resource

These PDF, docuuments from witness are a great production aid for beginners to use for guidance.

How To Make A Documentary
Film Production

A Detailed Guide For Visual Creatives And Storytellers

In this detailed guide at Jen Reviews, Jess Miller gives a comprehensive review of subject discovery, various options for equipment, the different steps taken during production, and key details not to be overlooked in producing a truly polished cinematic work.

A documentary is non-fiction film that focuses on a person, event, issue, or topic. It typically seeks to make a statement and inform an audience. Documentaries can be educational, controversial, and persuasive.

Documentaries, whether they are based on a person, place, or thing, are unscripted and rely heavily on informative content.

This type of film making has reached new heights while high quality DSLR cameras and filming accessories have become more available and affordable. Visual delivery becomes increasingly ubiquitous online and on-demand video allows for endless streaming options. So it is important to consider the ways in which you can make your documentary stand out, resonate with audiences, and leave a lasting impression with a well-conceived message and emotive storyline.

How To Choose A DSLR Camera - 12 Factors To Consider

In this buyer's guide, you will learn the basics of a DSLR camera and how you can pick your very first one based on your level of expertise. In recent times, using a point-and-shoot camera for long isn't enough. Most people are looking to upgrade their familiar photography skills into something unique and provoking. I'm sure that's why you're here too.

Factors like shutter speed, ISO, battery life, ease of use, and intelligent shooting modes propel you forward. It can also help beginners master advanced photography skills in a short span of time.

Best Cameras And Camera Accessories

With a camera, all you need is a simple understanding of how they work and some of their best techniques for you to, single-handedly, produce and share HD-quality videos and beautiful images that hold meaning and memory. As they say 'a picture can speak a thousand words', we say that each picture should be backed by an efficient and robust camera and camera accessory, so when you're looking at one of your best shots you know that you captured them well-informed and equipped. It's time you ditch your smart phone camera for taking high-quality images all the time and rely on something more adept and well-engineered.

Adventure Filmmaking
Film Production

Adventure FilmmakingTips And Tricks

Award-winning adventure filmmaker Michael Brown shares his top tips and tricks. From shooting in fierce white waters, to climbing down moulins, to summitting Everest with an HD camera, Michael has done it all. A pioneer of adventure filmmaking, Michael founded Serac Adventure Films in 1992 both to make original documentaries and to lend his production and adventuring skills to filmmakers like MacGillivray Freeman Films (IMAX)

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