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The Forum Of Regional Associations Of Grantmakers

The Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers (the Forum) is a national philanthropic leader and a network of 34 regional associations of grantmakers. It supports philanthropy by strengthening the ability of all regional associations to fulfill their missions; these associations promote the growth and effectiveness of philanthropy in order to improve life in their communities. They offer "Ten Basic Steps to Starting a Giving Circle", a Giving Circles Knowledge Center, various resources and handbooks.

Giving Circles Network

Giving Circles -- a form of shared giving and social investment networking -- represent a growing trend in philanthropy as community organizations established by individuals are seeking to have greater involvement in their giving. Also, there are broader issues and trends in philanthropy as a whole that are making "Giving Circles" as a mode for individual giving more attractive and fulfilling. GCN mission is to assist Giving Circles and other individual donors in making their contributions more meaningful by helping them to better network among themselves, leverage their resources, and enhance the impact of their giving. Nonprofit Charitable Orgs

Giving Circle: Focus and Maximize Your Donations by Joining with Others:

Giving circles are rapidly becoming a popular way for individuals to channel and amplify their philanthropic impulses. Giving circles can be small and informal, something like a neighborly potluck, with a few people pooling their money and giving it to a chosen charity; or they can be highly organized, require contributions of thousands of dollars and a commitment of many years.

Whether informal or highly organized, giving circles allow donors to leverage their assets by pooling their contributions to achieve a greater impact. Democratically arranged, giving circles provide donors equal voice in deciding where their contributions go. In the process, donors connect with one another and with their community. Tips and resources.

New Ventures In Philanthropy

A Woman's Guide to Philanthropy is designed to assist women in their path to philanthropy. As women become affective philanthropists, they need good information to inform their strategic choices in their journey of giving.

As leaders in every other area of society, women are beginning to understand their full potential as philanthropists, as shapers of future society. Women have come to philanthropy through their volunteer involvement with the nonprofit causes they believe in; now women are building on that expertise as they forge a path for others. As we begin the 21st century, women in the US are in a position of unprecedented wealth and economic power. Today, women control more wealth-whether individual, family, shared, or inherited wealth-than ever before. As their wealth increases, women are becoming more knowledgeable about their own financial resources and responsibilities.

Women make up 53% of the workforce and are increasingly moving into higher-paying professional careers. Women make up 1.6 million of the top wealth holders in the U.S., with a combined net worth of almost $2.2 trillion. Women generated $2.1 trillion in earnings in 1999. Because women live longer than men, they will end up in charge of much of the $41 to $136 trillion expected transfer from generation to generation over the next fifty years.

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