A Message From Mermaids
Purpose : Sytrofoam / Plastics Ban
NEEDS:    Advocate for bans on Styrofoam take-out containers.
● Beach & River Cleanups: a hands-on way to stop pollution before it reaches the ocean.
● Marine Education: the key to an informed community making healthy decision for our oceans.
● Advocacy: influencing local leader to address the plastic pollution problem in our oceans.

The most abundant type of litter is foamed polystyrene, also known as Styrofoam. Just like all other types of plastic, Styrofoam never fully biodegrades, and because of it's lightweight nature, can easily travel through gutters, storm drains, or on the wind, and reach the ocean.

● Polystyrene/Styrofoam contains toxic chemicals that leach into hot foods and beverages. Harmful chemicals leached by plastics are present in the bloodstream and tissues of almost every one of us.
● In most cities and counties, Styrofoam cannot be recycled. Styrofoam is never compostable.
● Styrofoam never fully biodegrades and thus easily become litter, costing communities economically and environmentally.In the marine environment, plastic breaks down into smaller particles that absorb toxic chemicals, are ingested by wildlife, and enter the food chain that we depend on.
● Bans on Styrofoam containers reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and prevent plastic pollution.
● Recycling is not a sustainable solution. Most of our plastic waste is land filled, downcycled, or exported to other countries. Tragically, millions of tons of plastic poison our oceans. Businesses and governments must take responsibility for new ways to design, recover and reuse.
● Plastic pollution is a symbol of our global over-consumption crisis. We must shift our societies away from disposable habits that poison our oceans and land by eliminating our consumption of throwaway plastics, and embracing a culture of sustainability.
● Our health, our children's health, and the survival of future generations depends on us.

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