Latin America
Sponsor A Tree, Plant A Forest
Location: Latin America, Asia, Caribbean, Africa
Purpose : Reforestation
NEEDS:    You can plant a tree, an orchard, a hillside, a grove, or a forest!

Raise consciousness about the connection between trees, plants, animals, water, ocean, and people. Understand the connection between poverty and environmental degradation. One can take action by sponsoring trees in order to restore ecosystems and provide jobs.

Farmers depend on the health of their soil and their water resources. Desertification impacts farmers in South Africa, South East Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and in many other areas around the world, which further increases their poverty. You can help them change their farm into a long-term sustainable business by donating, sponsoring a tree, a forest, or even a village. Plant With Purpose is also mindful of a quadruple bottom line: profit, people- economic empowerment, planet - environmental restoration and spiritual renewal.

You can also sponsor a tree or a biological corridor with
Community Carbon Trees Costa Rica

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