Learning Journeys
Blue Ventures - Belize
Location: Marine Conservation Charity
Purpose :
NEEDS:    Blue Ventures is running a new marine conservation expedition to Belize in 2010. Based in the north of the country the volunteer program will be researching the coral reefs of Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve, developing community programs in the key fishing village of Sartenja and helping out at a Manatee rehabilitation center when needed.

It is our Blue Venture's aim to translate the success they had in Africa in Belize. Blue Venture programs have had a long-term impact in south west Madagascar, where Blue Ventures have worked for over 6 years, in terms of improving the quality of life in the local community, real increases in local key fishing stocks, preservation of at-risk species, development of alternative livelihoods and education opportunities.

Blue Ventures offer innovative ideas to communities and support the implementation of these. Their work has won a number of awards, including the UN SEED and Equator prizes, for sustainable development, poverty reduction and conservation. For volunteers, leadership and research skills can be development as well as a unique experience of being an integral part of a start-up project.

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