Learning Journeys
Made By Survivors
Location: India/Nepal
Purpose : Volunteer / Fundraising Trip Oct 2-11, 2015
NEEDS:    Travel to Nepal, India, trek the Himalayas and be part of the mission with Made By Survivors

Made by Survivors is a non profit organization fighting Human Trafficking and Slavery with Empowerment and Social Enterprise.

For the past eight years, Made By Survivors has operated job training and employment programs in Asia. One of our their most successful programs is the jewelry program. In this program, survivors at four locations in India and Nepal have been trained as artisan goldsmiths. The women's gorgeous creations are now available at our web store, Relevee.com - the new home for Made By Survivors jewelry

Our model is not to get survivors just above the poverty line but to train and employ them in high paying careers. Some of our first jewelry trainees are now serving as trainers, program managers and mentors for new trainees. They are breaking gender barriers and transforming their families and communities. All of our employment centers are designed so they can be self-sustaining, and survivor-owned within three years. With help from professional jewelers, we are training our artisans to express their own creativity and life experiences through jewelry.

"I have been to India twice now, and both trips were life-changing. My experience working with the survivors in Made By Survivors' programs fueled my passion for empowering women. It influenced me to begin a socially-responsible company that targets the same population. I am so thankful to MBS team for giving me that opportunity". - Ashley Faye (member of the 2011 Volunteer Trip)

"My volunteer trips with Made By Survivors were life changing. The experiences left me with a deep understanding of modern day slavery - putting faces to the challenges and everyday reality - while underscoring the power and beauty of the human spirit. The connections made are permanent and deep. I carry my time with Made By Survivors with me always."

For more information contact Breanna at fusefairtrade@gmail.com
Questions/comments: paul@madebysurvivors.com
National Human Trafficking Hotline (run by Polaris Project) 1-888-3737-888

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