Media Trends and Foresight Advisory Lab

Our mission at Compathos (implied by core word - pathos) is to produce and showcase transformative narratives which connects head to heart, celebrates the common ground, generates measurable impact and which cultivates positive change.

Create synergistic possibility space for theorists, practitioners and innovators from diverse disciplines such as the entertainment industry, journalism, storytelling, myth and cosmology, design thinking, systemic transformation, collaboration design, game architecture, immersive media technology and production, to synthesize emerging trends for educational and practical purposes - with an intent to explore and generate new forms of collective creativity and adaptive storytelling.

● Research best practices and highlight emerging models with solution oriented focus
● Collective data base combined resources
● Determine specific focus, themes, grants, projects, course of action
● Create presentations, white papers, workshops, etc.
● Catalyst for prototype production 1-2 unique immersive storytelling projects. Evaluate processes.

Topics to Explore / Inquiry
● The art of information architecture, finding the story in data
● Game architecture for non-game contexts, such as business, education, and social impact challenges.
● Interactive/ Immersive narratives- transitioning from audience to participant, consumer to empowered citizen
● Story driven systems thinking, building living story worlds and networks
● Meta, micro and interactive narrative styles
● Cause related transmedia, cause marketing, LOHAS, conscious consumption
● The use of story, memes, archetypes, myth and cosmology to facilitate resilient transition and imagine a thrivable future
● Transforming our personal, collective, cultural and cosmic archetypes
● Adaptive design, biomimicry or nature's geometry informing interactive, immersive, various cultural landscapes
● Measuring impact, creating cultural capital
● Navigating the future: information deluge, tech disruption, blended realities, human machine age, awakening consciousness, new story, human identity

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