LuminAID: Give Light, Get Light
By : Cynthia La Grou
In the modern world, most people take electrical light for granted - yet 1 in 6 people lack access to a safe and stable source of electricity and light. LuminAID is a solar-rechargeable, inflatable lamp that packs flat and inflates to create a lightweight, waterproof lantern. Safe, sustainable, and portable, the LuminAID light provides up to six hours of LED light, ideal for disaster relief situations, recreational use outdoors, or in the home as an extra light source.

Forbes has called it: a possible alternative to Thomas Edisons 1879 electric discovery that has the potential to change, not only the light bulb, but also the world. Developed by two students, Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta, LuminAID makes portable light affordable, sustainable, and available for everyone. These amazing campaigners raised over $50,000 through Indiegogo to get their portable, solar rechargeable, lights produced.

You can take a LuminAID light with you on your next adventure or trip, tuck it away in your first aid kit, or string them together to light your path ahead. Your purchase buys you one light and gives another to someone in need. A gift of light will give one student 4 more hours to study at night. It will allow one small business owner to stay open for a few extra hours.

Many people must rely on dangerous and toxic kerosene lamps as a primary source of light and spend upwards of 30% of their income on this kerosene. With the increasing developments in small scale solar technology, there is no reason why individuals and families should not have a safer, less expensive, and more reliable source of light. The LuminAID solar light is a cheaper, safer alternative to kerosene lamps.

Restoring normal life in regions affected by natural disasters or war plays a vital role in recovery efforts. Re-establishing electrical grid infrastructure in those cases can sometimes take weeks or months. There is a need for a solution that can be deployed easily and immediately and with minimal maintenance. Sustainable lighting solutions, including photovoltaic cells coupled to rechargeable batteries, are an ideal approach to providing on-demand lighting with no operating cost. However, current solar-charged light solutions are expensive and difficult to manufacture and transport. This makes them unattractive for large-scale deployment. The LuminAID solar light addresses these issues while providing a useful and portable form of light for disaster victims.

The LuminAID light has a thin, rechargeable battery, a state of the art solar panel, and super bright LEDs. The semi-transparent plastic material diffuses the LEDs. The reinforced handle makes it durable and easy to carry.
The waterproof design can float, you can press button for Off, High, and Low light settings, it fully Charges in 4-6 hours of sunlight with 4 hours of 35 lumens on HIGH for reading/task work and 6 hours of 20 lumens on LOW for safety/night light. It's rechargeable batteries can be recharged 800 times. They are portable and compact - about 50 LuminAID solar lights can be packed and shipped for every 8 mini solar flashlights.

While The LuminAID solar light is not yet avalable for purchase, LuminAID is interested in forming strategic partnerships with organizations or projects. Contact them with details of your organization, area of advocacy, and geographic location, and they will follow up.

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