Youth Media Expedition
By : Compathos Team
Interested in combining storytelling and media skills with your travel experiences?
Interested in cultural exchange and sustainability
Between the ages of 17-24 and looking for a fun getaway this summer?


Students learn about cultural and environmental sustainability when traveling abroad while focusing on technical, artistic and storytelling skills, thus gaining effective communication tools that can be cultivated throughout their lifetime. Travelers develop a keen sense of value for people and place becoming life time advocates for social issues and destinations.

Travel with a group of 8-10 peers, professional media instructor, and Global Citizens Network Team Leader to the quaint and picturesque town of Xiloxochico. Team members will live and work alongside the Nahua people in the hills of the Sierra Norte region, outside of the town of Cuetzalan, Mexico. Opportunities for cultural exchange and awareness include learning about an eco lodge run by a local women's cooperative. Help build a bi-lingual elementary school in the morning and pursue individual journaling along with hands on collective film / video and storytelling in the afternoon.

The group will determine the best digital platforms to showcase their individual and combined creative works and determine how to best benefit the community through intercultural dialog, especially through the use of the arts, digital storytelling and action. Students will learn to effectively produce personal journals, collective story, and socially driven narrative through new media projects and engage in social media outreach encouraging others to become involved in future programs.

● GREAT FOR FAMILIES, make new friends
● This journey will leave a lasting impression in mind and heart for years to come
● Great on bio for college entrance and job resumes.

Travel Dates: August 4-12, 2012
Destination: Xiloxochico, Mexico
Travel costs: $2250 (tax deductible) Payments in the form of check/ money order or Paypal- payable to Compathos Foundation. Airfare is additional. For every 8 participants, one person goes FREE! With an additional 4th, the 4th goes 1/2 price.

● Lodging and meals
● Ground transportation to and from project site (from Mexico City-Cuitzalen-Mexico City)
● Contribution to the community project (materials and supplies)
● Orientation materials / team T-shirt / 3 hour orientation in person or virtual
● Insurance - medical emergency and evacuation
● Video equipment (Students also encouraged to bring their own equipment, 1 pro camera provided)

Allow 4 days of travel (1 day international travel & 1 day in-country travel) to and from the sites.

Compathos Partners: Global Citizens Network

Global Citizens Network (GCN) is a 20 year old non profit travel organization with established relationships with communities around the world. GCN promotes cross cutural understanding preservation of indigenous cultures, traditions and ecologies through authentic immersion experiences. GCN has been recommended by National Geographic, Budget Travel, The New York Times, NEED Magazine, and Oprah Magazine as one of the "Best Volunteer Vacations."



For more information contact: Compathos

Quotes from participants

"The team members were incredibly kind to my teenagers. The leaders were such good role models -- caring and inclusive."

"It has become the most meaningful thing I've experienced in my life. It was more than a casual cultural exchange. I never felt like a tourist - I felt like I was coming home."

"...this experience was enhanced by a measure of immersion in the economic, cultural, and social background. It was also about bridging a cultural and economic divide. Through it all I couldn't help but think that it was one thing to witness people struggling against poverty in a developing country, but it was another thing altogether to ask the important questions about the structural inequities that contributed to those conditions."
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