2.5%: Conscious Travel in Costa Rican Rainforest
By : Eytan Elterman
2.5%: Conscious Travel in the World's Most Biologically Intense Rainforest is a documentary short and photojournalism project that promotes responsible tourism in Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula while addressing the issues of over-development and mass tourism. The Osa Peninsula contains 2.5% of the world's biodiversity and houses Central America's only virgin rainforest on the Pacific Coast. The area has long been considered a leader in eco-tourism and sustainable initiatives, but recent talks of tourism development, such as a new international airport and cruise ship terminal, may diminish the very resources that make Osa so special.

Our documentary project, 2.5%, will highlight the incredible Costa Rican ecotourism efforts and showcase the negative effects that mass tourism has brought to other parts of Costa Rica -- expensive prices, locals being pushed out, corporate development mega projects, drugs and prostitution. The film will also show how we as travelers can help simply by traveling consciously -- meeting local people, respecting the environment and culture, and spending money at local businesses.

2.5% will raise awareness of Osa's unique ecosystem, demonstrate the joys of conscious travel and offer tangible ways to preserve the area's natural resources. When released in late 2012, iSeeiTravel will distribute 2.5% to film festivals and media outlines, and will also share video footage and photography with partners such as the Center for Responsible Travel, who can use 2.5% to complement their Osa research study and advocate for responsible tourism development in the peninsula.

Most importantly, 2.5% will be used by nonprofits such as the Center for Responsible Travel, Corcovado Foundation, and Rainforest Alliance to assist their efforts in advocating for responsible tourism development in the Osa Peninsula.

By backing this project, you're helping to complete this documentary about responsible travel as well as support and encourage conservation in the Osa.




Money raised from Indiegogo will go towards finishing production on 2.5% in 2012, hiring an assistant editor, sound mixing and voice over, color correction, photo book publication, submission to film festivals, TV broadcast readiness, media outreach and general distribution.

As a video producer and media director, Eytan Elterman found his passion for telling stories by creating documentary shorts that connect the viewer to socially relevant themes. Eytan produced his first documentary in 2005 while on a 3 month backpacking trip through Eastern Europe. In 2008, the L.A. Press Club nominated a TV package Elterman co-produced about foster youth for best "TV News Feature of the Year." Since then he has worked on documentary shorts focused on alternative fuel, international development, the foster care system, food justice, sport diving, and U.S./Israel relations for clients in the U.S. and abroad.

iSeeitravel partner Marco Bollinger has a passion for telling stories through images. In 2003 as Director of Media for a small start-up company, Onestop Internet, he helped grow the company into the e-commerce giant it is today. Marco opened his first photo studio in 2005 in Santa Monica California's Bergamot Station Arts District where he has since had a solo art show in Coordination with the Santa Monica Museum of Art and shortly after became Director of Media for the Whitespeed Branding Agency. Today, Marco has studios in Los Angeles and New York City, and travels to Peru, Miami, Colombia, Tokyo and San Francisco on a regular basis for his clients. He is a regular image contributor to both the New York City based Robin Hood Foundation and the Community Coalition in Los Angeles.
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