Transformational Media
By : Jeremy Wickremer
Transformational media is media that creates positive change through a transformational process, and comes from a space of clarity with the intention to build a better world.

Just as we are seeing the intensification and acceleration of changes throughout the world related to issues such as innovation and use of technology, population growth, urbanization, social revolution, and climate change-our media landscape is also undergoing rapid and wide-scale change.

There is a shift from media content owned and broadcast by the powerful few to the creation and dissemination of media by the empowered many. Another billion people are expected to be connected to the world wide web in the next decade to add to the 2.2 billion that are already connected. Wael Ghanim, the Google Executive that started a Facebook page that helped spark the Egyptian revolution says, "the power of the people is much stronger than the people in power." Our media is really starting to reflect our deep human desire to bond, as well as the state of our global interconnectedness.

The media revolution that is now happening could be compared in significance to the invention of the printing press over 500 years ago. At the time it ushered in an era of democratization of knowledge and social change. This social media revolution we are now witnessing on the web takes this evolution a step further. It is collaborative, and connects people instantaneously across the world. Although much of the content is still controlled by wealthy media owners and advertising, instantaneous dissemination means that censorship is bypassed and it is the closest thing to democratic media there has ever been.

So does 2.2 billion people able to produce and instantaneously disseminate media necessarily lead to a democratic and equitable world? Well, no. The reason being that if there is not a corresponding shift in consciousness, the end product can still be the same. It is evolution rather than revolution. Just as guns donʼt create wars, social media doesnʼt lead to equality. The internet is merely a tool to be used for good and bad.

The factors mentioned at the beginning of this article reflect the ever-changing nature of our world or indeed a period of transformation taking place on a global scale. At the same time as we are seeing gross acts of greed, leading to the economic collapse, violence against the environment with reckless grasping of the Earthʼs resources (Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Tar Sands in Canada), and violence against each other (numerous conflicts). There is also an increasing group of people dedicated to conscious evolution and bringing this awareness into their work. This can be prompted by an ambition to improve external conditions in the world, by an earnest search for meaning, and/or by the desire to bringing peace into peopleʼs lives.

In the last few years there has been a significant rise in the creation and viewing of transformational media. Transformational media is media that creates positive change through a transformational process, and comes from a space of clarity with the intention to build a better world: Transformational media may be focused on inner qualities or practical solutions. Its goal is to unite rather than divide, bring peace rather than conflict, and create rather than destroy.
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