Let Love Conspire
By : Cynthia La Grou - Editorial (photos used by permsision - Wide Horizons for Children)
Do you ever find yourself lured into crazy conspiracy theories, trying to connect the dots and trace run of the mill malevolent forces to their source? I've often found it to be a futile chase, especially when the pieces of the puzzle do not fit into a cohesive picture. I realized that if we allow it, love often has a way of conspiring around us to a greater degree than its opposite manifestations. It's there that life changing adventures seem to begin.

After our team embarked on the Drawn from Water documentary, new acquaintances suddenly appeared out of thin air who had lived in or adopted from Ethiopia. I picked up a Family Circle magazine in the doctor's office, and noticed an article featuring the work of photographer Tyler Stableford. I sensed a strong heart tug to contact him. I had no idea that he had just completed a promotional film for Wide Horizons for Children, the organization through which he had adopted his youngest son in Ethiopia a few months prior. Collaborating with Tyler and Wide Horizons on various levels has been a meaningful experience.

Blogs I frequented suddenly had posts about people adopting up to 10 children from Ethiopia. Last night a conversation with neighbors, led to a similar conversation and today my husband called on a train trip to tell me he was sitting next to two people from Ethiopia (neither of us have ever met anyone from that country and he was struck by the beauty of the language) Hmm, is this a conspiracy of sorts? I'm beginning to think so and wonder what will happen next.

As one whose radar is finely tuned around solving some of the interlocking problems facing humanity, observing the various approaches that are being applied to complex issues is a fascinating study. I've had the opportunity to survey innovative ideas and applications involving systems thinking, micro-finance, technology, design, medicine, education, and the environment. But often, there seems to be a missing human link between the benefactor and beneficiary in terms of the relentless cycle of extreme poverty.

So what if you're not an inventor, rock star or social entrepreneur initiating campaigns for world change - and what if you don't have the time or resources to volunteer, travel or to start a non profit or mission related business? Well, let love conspire around you. For the cost of your daily latte, you may want to consider sponsoring a child from one of many reputable child sponsorship programs. Look for programs that also include community development components, such as education, health and clean water.

For the more adventurous, consider integrating a portion of the global village into your own family. Identifying which country works best for your family is usually the first step. It's your opportunity to contribute to positive world change on a deeply personal level, which when all is said and done, may be much more dramatic and rewarding than you think.

"It is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters."- Mother Teresa

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