Tyler Stableford Wide Horizons for Children
By : Cynthia La Grou (photos by Tyler Stableford)
Compathos Highlighted Project features Tyler Stableford and Wide Horizons for Children. Tyler's photographic work has garnered numerous "Picture of the Year" awards and Tyler has been named by Men's Journal as one of the seven "World's Greatest Adventure Photographers." Tyler is also a newly adoptive dad, adopting through Wide Horizons program in Ethiopia.

Tyler's passion comes across through every area of his work. "This winter, before my wife and I adopted our youngest son from Ethiopia," Tyler explained, "I offered to shoot a week-long fundraiser / documentary for Wide Horizons for Children as a volunteer effort to raise awareness and support for the incredible work they are doing in Ethiopia. "Shooting this documentary has been the most powerful and meaningful project of my career," says Tyler. "This is a story of hardship, and also of hope and human kindness."

"As a pro photographer and one of Canon's Explorers of Light, I wanted to offer my skills and services in a way that would provide the largest possible return, so I shot a mix of high-res stills and HD video with two 5D Mark II cameras. Working with these cameras allowed me to work quickly yet fully pro, with all of my gear (including tripod and speedlights) fitting in a carry-on bag. "

The video represents a volunteer effort by some of the country's top creatives. ""Upon my return from Ethiopia," Tyler said, "I queried Kari Niessink, the head art buyer at the Boulder ad agency Crispin Porter Bogusky, to see if she and her agency colleagues would be interested in donating their video post production services. (CPB is arguably the world's top agency, having been named 'Ad Agency of the Year' 12 times in the trade press. I first got to know their crew when I shot their top execs for the cover of Creativity Magazine in December)."

"Kari championed the project and asked her boss Alex Bogusky, who accepted with enthusiasm. CPB donated approximately 200 hours of time to the project that included video editing and production, as well as custom-composed music from their in-house musicians; they also enlisted pro-bono services from some of their partners including recording studios and another custom-music company. The Ethiopian-American band Bole 2 Harlem also kindly donated one of their top songs "Home" to the piece; they were nominated for a 2008 BBC "Top of the World" award." The result is a powerful 7-minute multimedia video that we launched at Wide Horizons fundraisers in NYC and Boston in May 09."

Since 1974, Wide Horizons for Children (WHFC) has placed over 11,000 children with adoptive families, and worked in more than fifty countries around the world. Building enduring relationships of trust and professionalism with their overseas partners has been key to their success in facilitating thousands of adoptions over the years. Currently, WHFC offers adoption programs in 13 countries: China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Nepal, India, Kazakhstan, Korea, The Philippines, Russia, Taiwan, Ukraine, and the United States.

Over the past 30 years, Wide Horizons has also donated over $10 million to needy children around the world. Through their Humanitarian Aid program, they are improving children's access to education, health care, and proper nutrition; providing children with special needs with the best resources available in medical care, education, and home life; and strengthening the permanency of families through community development and sponsorship programs. Their ongoing concern is to ensure that every child has a loving family through adoption subsidies, community empowerment, and family permanency programs. Orphaned and impoverished children face desperate needs throughout the world. WHFC is making a difference in the lives of thousands of these children worldwide.
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