RedLight Children Campaign
By : Cynthia La Grou
The REDLIGHT CHILDREN Campaign is the latest phase of a journey that began in 2002 when New York attorney, Guy Jacobson while traveling and backpacking in Phnom Penh, Cambodia encountered a group of about fifteen young girls, some as young as five years old, who began aggressively soliciting him for prostitution. When he refused their solicitation, they pleaded saying the madam of the brothel would beat them if they hadn't made any money. He gave them some money and went on his way, but he simply could not ignore the horror of the incident or let it slide.

The experience caused a 180 - life turn around, and Guy decided to utilize mass media as a vehicle for social change. Guy began gathering together a passionate group of advocates determined to protect young children in danger of becoming part of the global sex trade. He teamed up with Israeli actress Adi Ezroni and went undercover in brothels using espionage equipment and secret cameras to research and better understand the plight of child trafficking victims. Despite death threats from the Chinese, Vietnamese, and Cambodian mafia, Guy and Adi risked their lives and continued production of the project.

Guy and Adi's work on the ground level provided the education and foundation for them to address the issue on a larger scale. They established RedLight Children Campaignand developed a comprehensive blueprint of action items to decrease the demand of child sexploitation, backed by a team of international lawyers.

Raising awareness, educating, and promoting activism among a broader audience utilizing film laid the foundation to implement the blueprint on a macro level. The blueprint focuses on deterrence: close loopholes in existing laws, add laws that don't exist, allocate necessary resources to mirror the scope of the problem, and to enforce the latter.

The film projects are imperative to inspire the public to become involved in the campaign, enter their information on, thereby sending letters to their government representatives. Redlight is also currently spearheading this awareness campaign through the K11 Project - three films which expose the reality of the underage sex trade. K11 consists of two documentaries and a feature-length narrative, Holly. Filmed on location in Cambodia, Holly explains the issue of simply addressing supply without tackling the demand. In cities throughout the US, Holly is accompanied with educational Q&A sessions, including leading experts on human trafficking, filmmakers, government officials, with dozens of non-profits, religious groups, student groups, and other parties interested in human rights issues. Through these collaborations, Redlight has been able to reach thousands of people worldwide.
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