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September 2009 - Compathos attended Social Capital Markets Conference - the "intersection of money and meaning" which brings together catalytic changemakers - the entrepreneurs who want to change the world and the capital that wants to make it happen. Compathos also become a founding member at The Hub, - a habitat for innovators. Members come to The Hub to collaborate, access market opportunities and capital, build community, and scale ideas. It is a place-based and online community of entrepreneurs, freelance professionals, artists, funders, students, mentors, community leaders; amazing people, doing incredible things. Hubs exist in Amsterdam, Berlin, Bombay, London, Bristol, Brussels, Cairo, Copenhagen, Halifax, Johannesburg, Madrid, Milan, New York, Prague, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Toronto and more.

Compathos is initiating a Producers & Directors Series: Film with Social Impact at the Hub - Bay Area, which will explore positive, measurable impacts and evaluate various types of films and rich-media campaigns successful at fund raising, monetization, changing policy and consumer behavior, social media marketing, and creating participatory action.

Compathos is pleased to announce that award winning Bongo Post & Music is currently lending their Pro Bono post production services to the Compathos documentary "Drawn from Water." Bongo Post & Music will also collaborate with award winning film score composer, Eric Hester on the project.

July /August 2009 - Compathos now on Facebook. Invite your friends! Follow Compathos on Twitter.

July 2009- Rich Lester, director of Drawn from Water Orphanage, traveled to Ethiopia and Uganda. Compathos and Wide Horizons for Children connected Rich and Melissa with the director of African Programs, Dr. Tsegaye Berhe, who has worked in child welfare in Ethiopia for more than 30 years and also serves as Chair of the Network of Adoption Agencies in Ethiopia, a group of governmental departments and private agencies that meet regularly to provide oversight for issues of child welfare.

June 2009 - Compathos highlighted award winning photographer Tyler Stableford 's work with Wide Horizons for Children in Ethiopia. Highlights include Tyler's newly released film, an article series, and a podcast with Tyler and WHFC - COO Janice Hoffman. Tyler immediately utilized the film for successful fund raising events in Boston, New York and Aspen Colorado.

June 2009 - Compathos partner, Brad Corrigan, reunites with the Indy band Dispatch, which is well known for the history making Dispatch: Zimbabwe concert, and who are founders of The Dispatch Foundation, to perform at the Kennedy Center for "an intimate evening celebrating the transformative power of citizen service around the globe". Dispatch was invited to meet with Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and President Obama.

May 2009 - Sacramento Business Journal and Compathos highlighted the Drawn from Water story. The Compathos Drawn from Water film trailer was shown at a corresponding fund raising event in Sacramento.

April 2009 - PushObject Media owners, Zak and Dusty Brown completed web development phase one, launching Compathos BETA web site.

March 2009 - Compathos Co-founder / filmmaker, Nick Kalbach, traveled to North Africa to shoot footage for the Drawn from Water film documentary and to provide NGO expertise for on the ground partnerships in the establishment of the Drawn from Water Orphanage.

March 2009 - Compathos Media Foundation received non-profit status as a 501c3.
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